Coca Cola - Grinders Coffee

So happy to share this recent project shooting with Coca Cola. Grinders Coffee Roasters, coffee machines and pods designed for the coffee purist. It was a day consisting of many many coffee’s to shoot in various setups working with a great team. I think the results speak for themselves.

Client: Coca Cola - Grinders

Agency : Creative Platform

Barrister : Sonam Sharma

Stylist : Cecilia Bloom

Body Mind Life

Recently I was commissioned by BML to photograph their instructors doing what they do best. YOGA. Admittedly I didn’t know a whole lot about Yoga before starting this shoot. From the first shots of the day I was amazed how much skill, strength, balance and flexibility the BML crew have not to mention patience holding the poses longer than normal for me to get the required shots. Thanks to all the talented BML instructors who helped on the day! (shown below) Kat, Sarah, Noelle and Playschools very own Rachael Coopes.

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