Family Life - Mini Photographers

I find the best family shots are the completely unscripted and natural moments, kids being kids. So I will often have my camera close while my kids are playing. This afternoon was a little different from the usual, instead of carrying on with their chasing, climbing and building games they were interested in what I was doing with my camera. Each at different times asked if they could have “a turn”. So after explaining some basics and rules (camera strap on at all times, don’t drop it and don’t run with it, focus here, look there) I left my $3000 Nikon DF in the hands of my 7, 4, and 2yr old. To my amazement this is what was captured *(the last 3 shots are mine, portraits of The Mini Photogs).

YOU could Win this!

The Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation recently asked if I could photograph their top 2 raffle prizes.

 A Ladies yellow & pink diamond dress ring valued at $18,875 and Ladies diamond stud earrings valued at $4,344

Tickets are just $5 each with a minimum purchase of 4 tickets online. Click here for your chance to win!

Good luck!

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