Artworks lined our family home where I grew up, oil paintings, pencil sketches, watercolours and lino-cuts. Most done by family members set amongst the occaisional Norman Lindsay piece.

I had little idea at the time what the significance of being surrounded by art at such a young age would have on my life & career. 

Early on, drawing and painting was where I saw most enjoyment. Surreal and Hyper Realistic styles caught my imagination. Artists such as Jeffrey Smart particularly influenced my work. The graphic lines, clean 3 dimensional shapes, the quiet drama.

However after being introduced to photography, I knew it was the perfect creative process for me.  Learning to see light and how it can be crafted to convey an atmosphere or an emotion totally changed my perspective and vision in day to day life. 

I couldn't get enough of books, magazines and advertisements. Breaking them down. Who shot it? How they shot it and how could I do it differently.

20 years later, the same things inspire me and keep me hungry to create powerful, authentic work.

I've been very fortunate to work with some of the best Creatives and Stylists around. They have taught me you can't beat the power of collaborating with likeminded people.


M: +61 0418 414 371

Co House Studios

Level 1, 36 Morley Ave 

Rosebery, NSW 2018


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